Welcome to the website for onboarding to the NSSP BioSense Platform. The NSSP Onboarding Team will guide you throughout the process. Our goal is to make sure your data is high quality and the data feeds to the BioSense Platform are timely and efficient.

This website includes updated information from the Onboarding Guide to the BioSense Platform v.1.5. The onboarding team welcomes feedback about this document via the BioSense Platform Service Desk.

Over the next few months, we'll update this website with more information and resources about onboarding and announce upcoming activities. Check the announcements box frequently to keep up-to-date.

Update: Onboarding to the BioSense Platform

In the last few months, sites began submitting feed profiles (contact information and metadata for their data feeds). If you haven't done so already, please submit this information so that you'll receive automated alerts. The Feed Profile Template (Excel spreadsheet) is available here.

In June, we prioritized sites and facilities based on criteria such as facility type, facility volume, and site support model. We will communicate this schedule to sites and facilities prior to the start of the third quarter (July 5 - September 20, 2016). Here's what you and the facilities you oversee can do to get ready to onboard:

  1. Update Master Facility Table (MFT) Excel Template
    • If your site has already worked with our team to finalize the MFT, please continue to add and update planned facilities to this spreadsheet. To update your MFT, please submit a ticket to the BioSense Platform Service Desk and attach the revised spreadsheet.
    • If your site has not started the MFT process, please list the facilities you plan to onboard (including dates), and submit the list to the BioSense Platform Service Desk.
  2. Review Data Validation Process Changes
    • We are adding new information about data validation to the BioSense Platform Onboarding Guide. Please familiarize yourself with the new processes and tools by visiting the onboarding website.
    • The new data validation process will allow you to access a "validation results" table in the staging environment (datatrans2.biosen.se) via phpMyAdmin. This table analyzes site data received the previous day by facility.
    • Validation results can be imported into a Data Compliance Report (Excel template) for further analysis, including completion rates of Stage 1 variables for each site. The template includes tips on how to use and analyze the results.
    • The BioSense Platform provides each site administrator access to daily compliance measurements through SQL views. Site administrators can download and import results into the data compliance report template available for download here: Data Compliance Report Template. To request a access to the compliance results table in datatrans2, contact the BioSense Platform Service Desk. All requests for data validation require contacting the service desk.
  3. Review and Sign BioSense Onboarding Process Acknowledgment (BOPA)

    (BOPAs acknowledge efforts to comply with the PHIN Messaging Guide for Syndromic Surveillance)

    • The Site BOPA and Facility BOPA are available for download on the onboarding website.
    • Submit a signed Site BOPA to the BioSense Platform Service Desk.
    • Submit signed Facility BOPAs with new onboarding requests (not required for existing facilities). Note: If a facility technical engineer oversees data integration for multiple facilities, one BOPA may be submitted for all facilities combined.

Please continue to submit suggestions for how we can improve the onboarding and other processes to nssp@cdc.gov.

NSSP Support Team

If you have technical questions, please contact our service desk at http://support.syndromicsurveillance.org.