Planning Overview

Many activities need to be managed during the planning process for BioSense Onboarding. In this section, we separate Planning activities into three distinct areas to illustrate ownership and process. These activities should be complete or near completion before being considered ready for Onboarding.

Below is information about the three main types of planning (New Site, New Facility and BioSense Readiness), as well as detail on the different Onboarding Support Models. To learn more about each section, click the link below, or to the right.

  • Site Planning - provides information about prerequisites, planning activities, and expectations for new BioSense Sites.
  • Facility Planning – provides information about prerequisites, planning, and expectations for new BioSense Facilities
  • BioSense Readiness Planning - The Site and facility will work with the BioSense Onboarding Team to begin the scheduling and communication process, and prioritize the onboarding process.
  • Onboarding Support Models – describes the different onboarding support models and the responsibilities each model entails

Subpages (4): BioSense Platform Readiness Planning    Facility Planning    Onboarding Support Models    Site Planning