Onboarding Methodology Overview

Onboarding is the process of working with a facility, health department, vendor for electronic health records (EHR), or health information exchange (HIE) to transmit syndromic surveillance data from internal medical record systems to the NSSP BioSense Platform, assess adherence to the Public Health Information Network (PHIN) by using the PHIN Syndromic Surveillance Message Guide, and begin a live data feed to the BioSense Platform.
NSSP uses a four-phase approach for onboarding facilities to the BioSense Platform:

To learn more about each phase, refer to the table below. You can navigate between the phases via the navigation to the right of this text, or by clicking the phase names in the table.



Engage The Engage phase focuses primarily on registering, prioritizing, and scheduling a facility onboarding.
Connect The Connect phase begins once a new facility receives approval to begin the onboarding process and can focuses establishing a connection to the BioSense servers.
Validate The Validate phase measures whether the received messages comply with the PHIN Messaging Guide for Syndromic Surveillance and BioSense Platform requirements.
Operate The Operate phase begins once a Feed or Facility has been approved to send live data into Production.