What's the NSSP Community of Practice

The National Syndromic Surveillance Program's Community of Practice (NSSP CoP) promotes knowledge sharing, training, innovation, and timely exchange of syndromic surveillance data among state and local public health agencies and partners. Membership in the NSSP CoP includes state, local and federal public health practitioners with responsibilities for syndromic surveillance in their organizations, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, health care and academia.

Membership is voluntary and open to any person or organization interested in advancing syndromic surveillance.

Why Participate?

Participation in the NSSP CoP will help public health practitioners stay abreast of advances in the science and practice of syndromic surveillance.

The NSSP CoP provides numerous benefits:

Steering Committee

The NSSP CoP steering committee comprises experts from various surveillance disciplines who oversee activities to ensure the syndromic surveillance community's needs are being met.. The committee also serves as a conduit between the syndromic surveillance community, CDC and other stakeholders. The committee champions causes that are important to and representative of the syndromic surveillance community.

The National Syndromic Surveillance Program Community of Practice (NSSP CoP) is collaboration among NSSP funding recipients, nonfunded states and public health jurisdictions that contribute data to the BioSense Platform, public health practitioners who use local syndromic surveillance systems, CDC programs, other federal agencies, partner organizations, hospitals, healthcare professionals, and academic institutions.

Grant #1 NU500E000098-01-00, NSSP-CoP: Strengthening Health Surveillance Capabilities Nationwide supports NSSP CoP activities and is in the interest of public health. The mark "NSSP National Syndromic Surveillance Program BioSense Platform" is owned by CDC and is used with permission. Use of this mark is not an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services or CDC of any particular product, service, or enterprise.